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about ZLATEV

furniture + design solutions.

Zlatev is a team of optimists, enthusiastic and dream to create a new brand that the market will offer unique and high standards. In existence for two years, We believe in design, deep going and studying each aspect as creator of our everyday lives. We respect the high criteria that were used and good old masters. Abla Cohesion team, We create a new framework of uniquely designed high quality furniture pieces, designed aesthetic appeal and functional use. Also we create a design that meets the passion of our customers.
ZLATEV creates products designed to push the limits of the quality of living to a higher level.



Within the top and secular modern styles of interior, Zlatev Engineering offers a range of sophisticated products of your choice and taste. The cycle of a finished product precedes the design of quality and professional staff, making the top Masters Team Zlatev, safest transport to your building and installation to the highest standards. The desire of the client to realize the first 3D project, It later prepared by technical drawing realized idea, and finally out the finished product.


Crafting perform highly trained professionals who turn the idea into a finished product. During the preparation of the pieces that will be part of the interior, finest materials are used in color and texture with top quality, resistant to external influences and pleasant appearance. Every single piece of furniture is made with lots of attention, precision and desire to make the customer satisfied.


Creative process of selection tools and the deployment of elements of scenes and sequences and their grouping in a final act. Selecting different parts, fragments of artwork and their soctavuvanje into a meaningful whole is the goal of every member of our team. Zlatev has its own vehicles for safe transport to the location. The transport elements are at maximum care and attention.


Stojan Zlatev

Graduate architect who always vistas of his vision extends the creative level. He wants customers to make them happy, with what you feel comfortable in their surroundings.